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Plants add tremendously to any indoor space.  Not only are they great from an appearance standpoint, but they also help with air quality!  There is a large variety of plants that can be used indoors.  Consideration must be given to light levels as well a how warm it gets where the plant is placed.  Also, be sure to consider how much water and attention the plant requires.  If you have kids and/or pets, be sure the plants you select are safe for them.  You can ask your local nurseryman for ideas or you can go online to get ideas.

Have you considered adding live indoor plants to your home?

Have leather furniture that needs cleaning?

Leather, just like any other type of fabric requires periodic cleaning in order to preserve its appearance and to increase its lifespan.  Here are four steps that will ensure your leather furniture not only looks great, but will help protect it.  You, of course, can use a variety of ready-to-use products such as Armor All Leather Cleaner or you can use these less expensive home-made methods.

  • ​Remove stains from your furntiure before cleaning.  A great home-made method is to apply plain white toothpaste or aerosol hairspray to the stain.  Gently rub into the stain and wipe clean with a damp cloth.  To remove water stains, you can rub mayonnaise into the stain, let it sit for a couple of hours and then wipe clean with a damp cloth.

  • Mold and mildew on leather can be removed by spraying one part rubbing alcohol and one part water from a spray bottle onto the stained area.  With a clean dry cloth, wipe the area and allow it to air dry.

  • For general cleaning of your leather furniture, mix a small amount of dish soap with water in a bucket until suds form.  Using only the suds (do not use the soapy water), apply the suds with a sponge wiping the furniture gently.  Repeat as needed until you have wiped down the entire piece of furniture.  Buff the leather using a dry cloth.

  • To condition your leather furniture, combine one part white vinegar and two parts of linseed oil.  Apply with a lint-free white cloth.  Use a circular swirling motion to work the conditioner into the leather.  Allow it to sit overnight and then using a clean cloth, buff the leather upholstery.

Know the difference between Traditional, Modern and Casual furniture?
Here's a brief defintion of each:

  • Traditional furniture describes a style that ended with the Victorian period.  Typically this furniture is high quality with carved details such as claw-foot legs and scrolled arms. Typically made of dark woods, the style is formal and elaborate.  Fabrics range from muted solid colors to bright and colorful.

  • Modern contemporary furniture is stylish, affordable and comfortable. It emcompasses sleek clean lines with the use of metal, glass and shinny lacquered finishes rather than traditional woods.  This style of furniture has few intricate details.

  • Casual furniture is often described as relaxed, comfortable and cozy.  Casual furniture can include both indoor and outdoor pieces constructed of wood and/or metal.  Casual furniture makes use of colorful prints and patterns such as plaids, stripes and flowers. ​

Have you ever wondered how to pick the perfect area rug?

Area rugs are a great way to complement your home.  Here are a few tips for selecting an area rug for your home:

  • You should buy the rest rug you can afford. Look for good quality natural materials such as wool and silk.  A high quality wool rug wears very well and through exposure to light and air (and even people walking on it) can develop its own unique patina.

  • Materials such as jute and sisal cost less, but are difficult to clean and don't last as long.

  • Use the cost of the other furniture in the room where the area rug will be placed as a guideline for how much to spend.  As a general example for instance, the rug should cost as much as the sofa.

​Consignment area rugs are a great value as they are generally priced at 25% to 40% of the cost of a comparable new area rug which can save the buyer hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Ever wonder HOW TO REFINISH FURNITURE?  We're having a "How To" clinic on Monday January 28th from 4:00pm to 5:00pm that will teach you how the pros do it! COME ON DOWN and join us.